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Data Art: Collapsing Interdisciplinary Boundaries

What are numbers to a data artist? Data art tries to put data in a context that you might not expect, maybe in a series of colors, a series of shapes, a series of structures. It’s a form of visualization that describes all the ways we transform data into representations. But beyond mere data, data art is also art, it’s a form of communication that tries to evoke emotions, reflections, sensations, and thoughts about a message, a story that the artist wants to tell.

How can artists tap into their creative energy to advance our understanding and push the boundary of science? I became fascinated with data art because it gave me the capacity to create and transform reality in a way that not only spoke to people’s brains with data but also people's hearts with emotions, sensations, and powerful messages. Beyond the art and visuals, data art itself carries a powerful message of how interdisciplinary engagement is rapidly transforming how we approach science. It is my deepest conviction that exciting breakthroughs will arise not simply from within a discipline but between disciplines.

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