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Bridging science, population health, and art through creative practices, technology and interdisciplinary research

Mary L. Peng ©

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  • Explore population health and health justice through technological, artistic, and design strategies

  • Investigate human responses to sensory and emotional stimuli 

  • Examine the interaction between light / photo-energy and human health

  • Explore social phenomenon through the interfacing of sensorial experiences


  • Create interactive data artwork and installations to promote well-being and health justice

  • Design human-centric therapeutic spaces

  • Develop interactive public VR-Art spaces (exhibitions, installations) to promote mental health

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Selected Experiences

  • Researcher at the Social Gerontology and Health Lab (2022-2023) 

    • Thesis: Examining the impact of psychedelic art on people's emotional, physiological, cognitive responses: A randomized controlled trial​

  • Consumer Health Informatics x Digital Health Researcher at  Yale Center for Medical Informatics (2022-2023) 

    • Manuscript: LGBT veteran mental health and tele-mental health service usage Pre-Peri the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • mHealth Researcher at Frederick Altice’s Lab (2021-Present)

  • Implementation Science Researcher at  Yale Center for Methods in Implementation and Prevention Science (2021-2023)

    • Co-authored paper: "Qualitative Methodology in Implementation Science Research: A Systematic Scoping Review" to be presented at the15th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation

  • Research Assistant at Yale School of Medicine Medical Oncology and Computer Science

    • Survey: "The Considerations for and validation of the next generation of clinical biomarkers (CLARITY)" (PI: Dr. Kim Blenmanwill serve as a blueprint for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Q-Submission on hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) by considering that morphological biomarkers, including machine learning biomarker validation on H&E-slides, could serve as a new paradigm for the FDA and global regulatory agencies

  • Medical Cost-effectiveness Research Assistant at Yale School of Medicine (2021)

    • Project: Cost-effectiveness analysis of total hysterectomy with sacrocolpopexy versus supracervical hysterectomy with sacrocervicopexy 

  • Telehealth Researcher at University of Virginia School of Medicine (2020-2021)

    • Poster presentation: "Patient acceptability of telepsychiatry during COVID-19" at the Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center Summit 2021 

  • Socio-cultural Ethnographer at University of Virginia

    • Projects: 1) Race Relation and Social Equity Ethnography ​on the intersectionality between microaggression and multidimensional identities culminating presented as online ethnographic portfolio on the contemporary racialized experience of social power dynamics; 2) Biopolitical determinant of social belonging: sex, sexuality, identities


Art for Public Health

Teaching & Social Work​

  • Founder & Director of VoiceBridge, International Rescue Committee - Charlottesville Refugee Education Program (2020-2021)

  • Course Developer & Instructor of ANTH 4993: The Politics of Belonging & the Refuge Experience (Fall 2020) 

  • Special Need Childcare Program Developer at Crystal Bird Mental Rehabilitation Center, Xi’an, China (2018)

  • Peer Health Educator and Child Protection Campaign Director at Mary Faith Rescue Center, Nairobi, Kenya (2015)


2023-2024     Harvard University | Master of Science | Media, Medicine, and Health                     Boston / Cambridge, MA, USA

2021-2023     Yale University | Master of Public Health | Social and Behavioral Sciences                             New Haven, CT, USA

2018-2021     University of Virginia | Bachelor of Arts | Global Studies, Anthropology, Philosophy            Charlottesville, VA, USA

2019              University of Oxford | 19th Century American and British Literary Encounters                                         Oxford, UK

2018-2021     St. Joseph's Institution | The International Baccalaureate Diploma, IBDP Bilingual Diploma                     Singapore

2014-2016     Crescent Girls' School | GCE O' Level                                                                                                         Singapore


University of Cambridge Functional Neuroanatomy Certificate. Certified July 2022

Academic Bibliography & Honors

Media Features

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